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Fuel cards with access over 3000 sites

We have created a fuel card solution to tackle the specific challenges of supplying and fuelling a modern agricultural or commercial fleet.

We recognise that not everyone wants to store bulk diesel in their yard, or you might also need to fill up whilst out on the road, therefore our fuel card offers unrivalled flexibility. Many of our sites are accessible 24/7, 365-days a year. We are also one of the few companies in the UK who are flexible enough to offer the fuel cards free of charge with no annual or monthly card fees, compulsory insurances or non-usage fees.


Benefits Of Having An Dragon Petroleum Fuel Card

Using one of our fuel cards gives you access to the outstanding KeyFuels network. This means you’ll have access to one of the biggest commercial rate networks in the UK which has over 3000 sites and 600 24/7 service stations including many major branded ones such as Esso, Shell, BP, Texaco & Morrisons) all at one fixed weekly price with the exception of the newly acquired Tesco branded sites which are subject to a small surcharge.


Fuel Card Payment Options

We offer 14 day terms as standard payable by direct debit. A weekly VAT approved invoice will be issued showing you how much fuel you have drawn together with a detailed transaction report which includes the volume, time, date and site information.

Whether you would like to sign up for a fuels card or would like further information; contact your fast, friendly and professional team today on 0800 756 3704 or email – they’ll be delighted to help.



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